Computational-Artist | Creative-Technologist


Meanings change over time as context changes. Can a group of symbols, some recognizable, some unknown, constitute a language? Based on the context of the group of symbols, will readers decode meaning from them?


AUDRIE is a Robotic Art project that invites participant interaction by means of proximity and touch. The robots respond dynamically and differently to each individual and environment resulting in participants anthropomorphizing / zoomorphizing their behavior; assigning genders, naming them, conversing with them, in spite of the robots geometric, nonbiological physical appearance.

Finalist of the The Eighth International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2016) Robot Design Competition

Gas Can Power Supply

A DIY ATX Bench Power Supply in a unique enclosure.

Stop Here On Red

1100 photographs taken over 2 hours in June 2009 from Pocono Pennsylvania to New York.

Catcall & Response

A touch/proximity sensitive robotic lamp post shouts catcalls (in Trinidad & Tobago dialect) at anyone in proximity. Women write responses on the lamp post which results in even more catcalls.